commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
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commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
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Commodity Futures Trading Reports

In CTCR's long and rich history we have reported on all the hot trends, reviewed the best and worst commodity futures trading products, interviewed the futures trading industry's finest and, of course, kept you informed on whose newsletters were the biggest money makers. We are the only futures trading publication that rates the newsletters and fax lines of the Futures Industry. All issues contain this rating in our "centerfold".

If you have a question on a product, ever hankered to learn more about the biggest of the big shots or wanted expert advice on the markets - you are likely to have your heart's desires fulfilled in one of the special CTCR issues listed below.

All of these fantastic and enlightening issues are available to you on our order page. Click the links below for more in-depth information on what each issue provides.

Outlook/Aberration/ Bernstein/Easy Language
Jul. 99
Mid-year outlook with interviews with top futures trading gurus! Review of Jake Bernstein's new course, Aberration trading system and the programming language: Easy Language!
Bashar Azzouz/ Trading Systems
Jun. 99
Money-making traders, discussion of a key money management strategy for futures trading systems and review of OptionVue 5!
Scale Trading
May. 99
Scale trading educational article, interview with scale trading guru Mary Pagano and reviews of scale trading books (You Can't Lose Trading Commodities by Robert Wiest, The Intelligent Speculator by Ralph Fessenden, Ph.D, and Be a Winner Trading Commodities, also by Ralph Fessenden). System test of Barnes Oscillator with ADX Filter.
Peter Brandt Returns
Apr. 99
Powerful interview with the legendary Peter Brandt, publisher of the Factor. Also, new feature: CTCR Trading Sytem Test. This issue tackles Donchian's Four Week Breakout system, a key foundation of the Turtle systems. Mar/Apr 1999 issue.
S&P 500 Trading Package!
An incredible package of excellent S&P 500 resources.
Best Advisors of 98
Jan. 99
In this exciting issue of the CTCR Newsletter, Editor Courtney Smith interviews last years top performers - Bill Gary (119% gain on reasonable margin) and Dennis Minogue (104% gain on reasonable margin). Also, take a peek into the spectacular collapse of Victor Niederhoffer in this brutal article. Also included, a review of Dr. Van K. Tharp's Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom.
Kelly Angle Issue
Dec. 98
Kelly Angle, previous editor of the successful Timing Device, returns to the newsletter business! Find out about his new product, The Power of Twelve. Will it be as successful as the previous newsletter? Interview with Kelly Angle, previous editor of the successful Timing Device and now editor of The Power of Twelve.
Larry Williams / Tribute to Bruce Babcock Issue
Nov. 98
Comprehensive interview with Larry Williams; the Guru of Futures Trading. Find out why he is getting out of the newsletter business, and what he will do with his Money Tree Course. Then, a nostalgic look at Bruce Babcock's contributions to the industry. Also, a hard-hitting debate between two giants of the business; Jake Bernstein and Courtney Smith. Don't miss this packed issue! Educational article: How to Calculate Seasonals. Feedback from Jake Bernstein, plus reviews of Cybernetic Trading Strategies by Murray Ruggerio and Charlie D. by William Falloon. 36 pages.
Jake Bernstein Issue
Oct. 98
Jake Bernstein, a guru of the futures trading industry, speaks frankly about his infomercial. Find out how he views the controversy. Also, brand new feature of CTCR, our new CTCR Index. Interview with Jake Bernstein, publisher of MBH Weekly Letter. Introduction to the new CTCR index. 20 pages
Guide To Profitable Trading
Sep. 98
Educational Article by Courtney Smith, The Education of a Trader: Guide To Profitable Trading. Review: Book; MBH Weekly Seasonal Spread Charts by Jake Bernstein
How Can I Trade With Just a Little Amount of Money?
Aug. 98
Educational Article by Courtney Smith
Why You Lose and What You Can Do About it!
Apr. & May 98
Our most popular issue in 1998! This issue contains Why You Lose and What You can Do About It by Courtney Smith. Find out the real reasons why traders lose money, and how they can correct it, from a top successful trader with years of experience. You won't want to trade before you've read this article! Don't miss this issue! Educational Article by Courtney Smith.
Nelson Freeburg/Pit Bull Issue
Jun. & Jul. 98
Interview with Nelson Freeburg of Formula Research. Review: Book; Pit Bull by Martin Schwartz
Two Russ Wassendorfs Issue
Feb. 98
Interview with Russell Wassendorf Sr., of Futures Factors newsletter. Reviews: Books; The All About Series by Russ Wassendorf and Thomas McCafferty and Foreign Currency Trading by Russ Wassendorf Sr and Russ Wassendorf Jr
Robert Jubb Issue
Mar. 98
Interview with Robert Jubb of Tomorrows Commodities. Reviews: Book; Dynamic Trading by Robert C. Miner. Feedback
1997 Year End Review
Jan. 98
Whose Was the Best Newsletter of 1997?/Reviews of Books by Jeff Cooper and Robert Barnes
Hedge Fund Manager Chris Evans
Jun. 97
+ Reviews of Kent Calhoun video and Event Trading book
Complete Guide to Stochastics!
Apr. 97
CTCR's biggest issue ever - if stochastics keep you up at nights, then you can't live without this issue!
Trading System Gurus: Bob Pardo and Larry Williams!
Mar. 97
Interview with Bob Pardo and Review of Larry William's Money Tree Course
Is Greg Meadors the Best Advisor of 1996?
Feb. 97
Plus reviews of: Colin Alexander's Five Star Futures Trades and Chick Goslin's Intelligent Futures Trading
Whose is the Best Newsletter?
Jan. 97
The Best of 1996
Kent Calhoun / TradeStation4.0
Dec. 96
Interview with Kent Calhoun, plus review of the blockbuster TradeStation 4.0
Special Futures West Conference Report!
Oct. & Nov. 96
Two hot issues in one! Learn about the presentations made by the best...
Special Tom DeMark Issue!
Sep. 96
Hot interview plus detailed explanation on the methods behind his top trading success.
The Key To Trading Success
Jul. 96
18 Top Experts Share Their Secrets for Success
Jack Schwager Unveils Powerful New Techniques
Jun. 96
An interview with Jack Schwager, a review of his Managed Trading, Myths and Truths plus an entire chapter from the book!
Options Trading
Nov. & Dec. 95
Our unique and exclusive roundtable discussion brought together four of the world's top experts on options trading
Gary Smith
Sep. & Oct. 95
Plus: Educational Article: How Your Schooling Has Sabotaged Your Trading by Van K. Tharp, plus: System Review: Bronco System by R.P. Walker, Software Review: OmniTrader 2.1 by Ed Downs and Book Review: Fundamental Analysis by Jack Schwager.
John Bollinger
Jul. & Aug. 95
Plus: Educational Article: The Absolute, Bare Bones, Root Cause Reasons People Fail at Futures Trading by Bruce Babcock System Review: S&P Cherry Picker by David L. Wright. Software Review: SuperCharts 3-CD by William Cruz. Book Review: TechnoFundamental Trading by Philip Gotthelf.
All About Brokers
May & Jun. 95
Plus: Educational Article: How I consistently Make Money Day Trading. Software Review: Time To Trade by Norm North. Book Reviews: Investment Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager by Laurence A. Connors and Blake E. Howard. Top Trader's Guide to Technical Analysis by Nathan J. Sambul.
Managing Risk (two issues count as one)
Mar/Apr 95 & Nov/Dec 94

We brought together an all-star panel of futures trading experts to share their insights into risk management.

Letting Profits Run
Sep. & Nov. 94
Sixteen of the top futures trading advisors tackle this important subject.
Cutting Losses
Jul./ Aug. 94
We rounded up 14 of the world's greatest experts on futures trading and asked about the critical subject of cutting losses.
Trend is Your Friend
May & Jun. 94
We spoke to a number of futures trading experts about trends, all of whom trade for their own account.
Larry Williams Issue
Mar. & Apr. 94
Plus: Reviews: Market Masters by Jake Bernstein. The Mathematics of Technical Analysis by Clifford J. Sherry. The New Gatsbys by Bob Tamarkin. The Traders by Sonny Kleinfield.
Fundamental Trading (Smith)
Sep. & Oct. 93

Plus: Educational article by Robert Prechter. Reviews: Martin Pring on Market Momentum by Martin Pring (but you knew that), Electric Scorecard II (accounting software program) by Donald Sutton, The Symmetry Wave Trading Method by Michael Gur.

Short-term Trading (Raschke)
Jul. & Aug. 93
Plus: Educational article by Bruce Babcock entitled, "Commodity DataIssues and Solutions (Part Two)." Reviews: Trading by the Minute by Joe Ross. CROSS-Current (currency spread system software) by Steve Briese. Breaking the Floor Trader's Edge by George Angell and George Fontanills.
Sep. & Oct. 92
Special extended interview with cycles experts John Ehlers, Walter Bressert and Jake Bernstein. Educational article entitled, "Using Cycles in Trading" by Richard Mogey, Reviews: MESA and Trading Market Cycles by John F. Ehlers. The Handbook of Economic Cycles by Jake Bernstein. The Power of Oscillator/Cycle Combinations by Walter Bressert. Mesa software by John F. Ehlers. Ehrlich Cycle Finder tool by Stan Ehrlich. Products from the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.
Chaos and Fractals
Jul. & Aug. 92
Special extended interview with Australia resident Bill Dreiss. Educational article by Adam White on Fibonacci applications. Reviews: Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets by Edgar E. Peters. Trade Station real-time software from Omega Research.
Neural Networks
May & Jun. 92
Special extended interview with three neural network experts: Louis Mendelsohn, Sudhir Chhikara and David Aronson. Educational article by Robert Pelletier called, "What Makes a Successful Trader." Reviews: Intermarket Technical Analysis by John Murphy. The Right Time Index Program from T.B.S.P. Brainmaker software from Scientific Software. Neuroshell software from Ward Systems Group. Neuralyst software from Epic Systems Group. N-Train software by Jeffrey Owen Katz. Neuralworks Professional software from NeuralWare, Inc.
Short-term Trading (Buran)
Mar. & Apr. 92
Special interview with Bob Buran. Educational article on day trading. Reviews: How I Quit My Job and Turned $6,000 Into Half A Million (videocourse) by Bob Buran. Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets by Charles LeBeau and David Lucas. Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns by Toby Crabel, Volpat Day Trading Systems by Lee Gettess.
Jeff Gordon issue
Nov. & Dec. 91
Plus: Educational article called, "My Trading Philosophy" by Jeff Gordon. Reviews: Brokers, Bagmen & Moles: Fraud and Corruption in the Chicago Futures Markets by David Greising and Laurie Morse. FSA T-Bond and Stock Average (S&P) Trading Systems by G. Jules Csaszi. Auto Pilot software by Steve Briese.
Math Mysticism
Sep. & Oct. 91
Special interview with Bryce Gilmore. Educational article entitled, "The Delta Phenomenon Anon, Welles Wilder Responds." Reviews: Geometry of Markets by Bryce Gilmore. Essential Secrets of Day Trading by George Angell (beginning and advanced video tape courses). Wave Trader Professional software by Bryce Gilmore.
Wilder's Delta
Jul. & Aug. 91
Educational article by Bruce Babcock called, "The Art of Predicting Future Turning Points in the Markets." Reviews: Trader VicMethods of a Wall Street Master by Victor Sperandeo. Portfolio Management Formulas by Ralph Vince. Trading on Target audio tapes by Van K. Tharp. Fast Track system by Larry Manley. Charts of Bruce Babcock's mind-boggling Gotcha Phenomenon trading approach.
May & Jun. 91
Special interview with commodity options expert David Caplan. Educational article by Kelly Angle called, "Buying Put and Call Options for Unlimited Profit with Limited Risk." Bonus Educational article by Roger Altman called, "A Quick Primer on Smart Options Trading." Reviews: Trade the OEX, Cut Risk Not Profit by Arthur Darack. Using Options to Obtain a Trading Edge Over the Markets by David Caplan. Option Volatility and Pricing Strategies by Sheldon Natenberg, plus five additional options books. Optionvue IV software by Leonard Yates. Optionomics software by Scott Gordon. Profiles of options newsletter publishers Stephen Belmont and Bruce Kennison
Mar. & Apr. 91
Special interview with Candlestick guru Steve Nison. Educational article by Candlestick expert Irwin Porter called "Introduction to Candlestick Analysis." Reviews: The Japanese Chart of Charts by Seiki Shimizu. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison. Autocandle software by Mike Poulos. The Candlestick Forecaster software by Gary Wagner and Brad Matheny. Candlepower software by Gregory L. Morris. Profile of scale trading expert Robert Wiest. Charts illustrating Candlestick trading techniques.
R. N. Elliott
Nov. & Dec. 90
Special interview with R. N. Elliott. Educational article offering rebuttal of Elliott's concepts. Reviews: Elliott Wave Principle by Robert Prechter. Mastering Elliott Wave by Glenn Neely. Relevance III software by R. Maynard Holt. Elliott Wave Educational Video Series by Robert Prechter. Profile of Elliott Wave expert David A. Allman. Charts of Elliott Wave Patterns. Listings of additional Elliott Wave books.
Carl Futia issue
Jul. & Aug. 90
Plus: Reviews: Mind Over Markets by James F. Dalton. The System Tester software by Steven G. Lerman. RSI Seminar on Tape by Andrew E. Cardwell, Jr. Profile of Andrew E. Cardwell, Jr.
W. D. Gann
May & Jun. 90
Special interview with W. D. Gann. Educational article by Robert Miner on how to square price with time. Reviews: Gann Made Easy by William McLaren. Ganntrader II software by Peter Pich. W. D. Gann Trading Techniques Home Study Course by Robert Miner. Profile of Gann guru Phyllis Kahn. Original Gann charts. Two page-sized charts just as Gann created them. See for yourself how Gann annotated his personal charts. Listings of additional Gann books and software.
Seasonal Trading (two issues count as one)
Jul. to Oct. 89
Special panel discussion with five top seasonal trading experts. Reviews: Astro-Cycles: The Trader's Viewpoint by Larry Pesavento. The Price Spiral Method by B. J. Howard. Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager. The Weintraub Day Trader by Neal T. Weintraub. Tradefinder software by Ralph E. Bass. Keytrader software by Jake Bernstein. Profiles of Lyle W. Latvala and Robert J. Kwasny. Review of Commodity Futures Markets by Stephen Briese.

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commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
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commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors