commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
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commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
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Q: "I recently saw a new book advertised by Gerald Marisch called "The W.D. Gann Method of Trading - A Simplified, Clear Approach." Is this book any good? Does it explain things better than Larry Williams' "Batting .800"? I know Larry Williams is a proven commodity's trader, however I read a review of his course recently and I agree with that review. His book is sloppy and does not reference things on the page very well. Also, the video course is not very easy to follow. I'm looking for some plain english, simple charting systems to get started in commodities trading. Can you help? Thanks for your time." Alex
Q: Dear Mr. Smith, I have long admired your work at FNN. I have previously been a subscriber to CTCR...thanks for taking it over. I just received your special reprint of the Nov 1998 issue and indeed it was fascinating! A good job...I agree with your assessment of Jake Bernstein (How did Larry ever get mixed up with him?) Right now I'm interested in combining multiple seasonal factors for the nearby S&P contract (not spread) or the cash index. But maybe Jake's the best out there in seasonals...
I've ordered and studied The Stock Trader's Almanac. Traditionally, they're the experts at stock market seasonals but I find the data incomplete. The same to a slightly lesser degree with the Supertrader's Almanac. The newsletter Market Logic is fairly good but analyzed data only goes to 1994-5.
Have you ever or do you know of any company that makes (or could make) software that produces the expected daily % change of the S&P -- taking into account the year of the presidential cycle, the annual bias, holiday effect, monthly, five (six) day and 401(k) bulge, day-of-month and day-of-the week historical record. All those "seasonals" could be combined into a final grand score (without double counting) for each and every trading day of any particular year. For instance you could start with the average yearly gain of 4.5%, which is four and one-half% or .045 in decimal form. Divide that by the number of trading days (250), and you get .00018, which is due to the secular increase; the monthly % change in March, for example is .01 and dividing that by 21 (days) results in .00048, etc. I remember in the early days there was a fellow who predicted the market on a daily basis for a whole year (or more) ahead. I believe anyone could do it with reasonbly accurate results with the available seasonal data and a computer program!
The result, of course, could be profitably used by anyone according to his or her style as either a standalone or supplement to other techniques. It's remarkable that by now such an obvious statistically viable and stable bias has not been long since discounted by the market but such seems not the case... (see page four, THE 1999 STOCK TRADER'S ALMANAC). Since 1950 the only major shift would seem to be the day of week strengh reversal (from Friday to Monday) and the 401(k) mid-month bulge as well as an extra end of month bullish day.
This niche procedure would seem to be a natural and I have either overlooked it (serious vendors - even after searching the web) or it has been neglected by vendors altogether. If the latter is the case, do you think the data could be customized by a programmer? The bottom line is that the info can be gathered and processed but it is very tedious to do it by hand. Would you please comment and help me?
Thanks, Bill
Q: I just started trading silver a few months ago. I knew nothing about commodity trading before, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I invested approximately $20,000 in 1,000 troy ounce silver boullion in a margin account that gave me approximately $80,000 leveraged funds. My equity was down to $15,000 when my trader suggested that I try to do a short transaction. I did this to get a few thousand in profits by selling long, so I could take the profit also when the price went down. Meanwhile, I'm paying 11.65% interest on an account where my equity is decreasing steadily. +AFw
Is this normal? Shouldn't my equity have increased when I sold my silver? At what point should I be worried about my decreasing equity? Can you share any data and trading strategies for silver?
Q: Jack Schwager is mentioned quite a lot on your site- does he have a Web site of his own?
Q: I have recently purchased Larry's Money tree. He speaks about how to get the Commercials from the govt. How do I do that on the internet?? Can you pass that on to him? I would also be interested in what you are putting together. Can you e-mail me more on what you will be doing?
Q: I am currently in the process of developing an end of day trading system that fits my style and approach. I have extensive programming experience, and have been using Metastock by Equis and find their programming language to be extremely limited for my needs. I just read your very informative review of Supercharts, and am feeling that the Easy Language might indeed be more powerful and suited to my needs. Can you create your own internally callable functions, have more than just array variables (just a few of many questions...)? I am concerned about the limitations you found in testing capabilities with the language, but do not have a feel for what the extra $2000 for Tradestation would bring. Is there another system somewhere in between that I could consider for an end of day trading system? Thanks for your great work
Q: I am a subscriber to CTCR and Major Moves and I only trade the S&P and don't follow the grains or soybeans. Local traders have been telling me that the newsletter of James Flanagan, Past Present Futures, is good. In his recent newsletter he states a rare multiyear opportunity is coming up this summer in wheat and corn especially. I can't find the newsletter in CTCR. What is your opinion of this newsletter and will you be following the grains in Major Moves?
Q: I live in Italy and I wish to find more web links to the advisors because it's really difficult to me contact them by phone. Please check some links as they are not updated.
C: Hi, contacted you about 4 weeks ago about the Omnitrader package. After you purchase it, they let you join a undisclosed exclusive club, and then sell you the " best results/high % profit" etc., package for only an additional $2500 (stocks) and $3500 (futures). While using the trial verson, it constantly erased data unless you carefully moved the mouse. The vote line seems to be more magical than fact. Bruce would tear into this software. Check it out at
Q: I want to open an account for self-directed IRA and invest in commodities. I do my own research and I investment decision. I was wondering if you are reviewing the trust companies who allow to invest in commodities. I'm having a hard time finding information about those trust companies. (Who they are?, what is there financial strength?, is there any litigation against them?, etc.)
Q: I've just been browsing the Omega Research web site and I've noticed that they are advertising Jack Schwager's Complete Guide to Designing and Testing Trading Systems Course. I'm very interested in the course but before I consider buying I'm looking for some independent reviews- have you ever reviewed the course? If so what's your opinion? If you haven't reviewed it do you know of anyone who has? Or will you be reviewing it in the future? Your help is greatly appreciated & well done on an excellent site.
Q: Editor-in-Chief Courtney Smith: We had a reader ask about the well advertised David Bowden's Safety in the Market program. We have not seen it yet so have not been able to review it. However, we asked you, our valued readers, if they had any opinions and they did! Here are three succinct insights:
C: Having decided to expand the centerfold, you should try to diversify the mix of advisors in terms of approaches:
Q: What is your critique of the Ken Roberts course?
C: Y2K bug. SuperCharts as it now stands, has a "Y2K" shortcoming. I tried to load a dummy ascii file with "00" year dates, and SuperCharts would not load this Chart -- Omega probably is going to take undue advantage of this bug and charge mucho $ for new version. What choice will you have ? Bill
C: It was a good decision to expand your list of advisors beyond 26. However, be selective. Try to incorporate advisors with long term stable track records that don't keep jumping from one method to another. Samuel
Q: It is important to know why Colin Alexander changed the name of his newsletter
Q: CTCR is a class act, one of a kind. I will be a subscriber soon (was past subscriber) What is your opinion of Omnitrader and metastock 6.0/6.5? How does it compare to Supercharts? Could you reply when possible. Thanks. John
Q: Hi, I think that you need to update the reply to the question on Curtis Arnold after what I read about him on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission website. I started looking for the software to go along with all the glowing reports I was reading on the net about his book PPS Trading System, and I found a lot more than I bargained for !!!!!!! His website is not available and the address and phone number given on your site are probably defunct as well. I can not see anyone wanting to be associated with this name at present. Happy Easter, John
Q: "Where could I get examples/info on short selling futures options both calls and puts? I need to understand how profits/losses happen if the buyer executes or not. Does this make sense? Thanks for your time. I enjoy the site."
Q: "What's the scoop on this book (Robert Miner's Dynamic Trading Book)? Have you reviewed it, if so would like your opinion."
Q: "I was wondering if you knew anything about a trading system offered by Bruce Gould, called the "Money Machine". I must be on his mailing list because I keep getting his sales letter in the mail. He doesn't give any kind of specific information about it. Anything you can tell me about would be helpful."
Q: "I have spent hours and months trying to find a portfolio tracker for commodities, I gave up. It is hard to believe not one web site has this. There are hundreds of stock portfolios you can set up but not commodities. The ones that you can put a commodity symbol in it does not calculate the right fractions for commodities or shares (contract sizes) Maybe you might know of one. You have a nice site just bookmarked it"
Was wondering how you tracked Bill Gary when he uses such a wide range for his signals? For instance when he says sell July Soybeans between 4 490 and 505 what price do you use in CTCR in determine his track record? He seems to use these ranges on all his signals.
Q: Would you have the track record for Keypoint by Joe Duffy? Also do you know how to contact Curtis Arnold fof his newsletter on PPs trading?
Q: Is there a letter that specializes in options on futures? If so, how's their performance?
Q: I have been reading your interview in Stocks&Commodities and I have found it most interesting. My own trading style is very, very similar. By reading the interview, one can really see, that you understand the trading business.
I have heard already several times about the Commodity Traders Consumer Report. Can you send me a copy?
Q: 1) Have you heard of Tom [Busby](& his program), or are you familiar with him?
2) If so, what kind of a reputation does he have with industry insiders - ie, a real trader, or ....what?
3) Do you know of anyone who's taken his training/seminar, and if so, have you gotten any feedback - good or bad?
Q: Can you please tell me anything about the Aberration commodity trading system? Do you have a review of it?
Q: Every time I receive the Centerfold the first thing I look at is the Elliot Wave Theorist. I crack up everytime I see the net gain/loss for the last 12 months. I get a real kick ! You must have some pretty good reasons for keeping this newsletter in the Centerfold. What is it ? Should I subscribe to this newsletter and do the opposite of what they say ? The losing consistency is remarkable !
Q: I don't like how the X-axis of the CTCR index is unevenly subdivided. It hides valuable information. Would it be possible to subdivide it into a single equal increment, say monthly or quarterly ?
Q: Have you ever thought of reviewing futures and options videos? I see there are plenty out there. 98 on the above sight. Cost is probably prohibitive but it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm new to futures/options and enjoy your site. Very informative.
Q: ok, i am new to commodities, and have been in the market for almost 2 months. I seem to spent at least 8 hours a day reading, charting, or anything I can do to get up to speed. I would like to know in your opinion, what is the best resourses that I can use (ie. software, texts, market news), so that I can feel that all of my avenues for making profitable trading choices are covered.
Q: I just read the short comments on Street Smarts by Linda Raschke. I'm not sure just how to interpret the comments. The fact that the ideas could probably pay for the book are not too encouraging. Although taken from another perspective the remarks could be taken positively. Could you please elaborate? Are you saying the book is overpriced?
Q: "I am considering enrolling in the Profitunity course of Bill Williams in Texas. Using all of this indicators as presented do you feel that for someone looking for real time confirmation of entry signals that this package really does in day out...(particularly on the intraday time frames of 5-10 minute charts)? ...I would like to have some non company feedback before I invest the extensive time and money required to complete the course."
Q: Unless I am mistaken the December issue listed the Scale Trader as very profitable. I think the readers of your newsletter need to know the there has been a recent change in editors and many of the old unprofitable scales were simply dropped and never mentioned again.
Q: I, like many others, received a pamphlet from Ken Roberts Co. I have no experience in futures trading and very little with stocks, mutual funds, etc. I am a wife and mother of two. I have always had my own career, but chose to stay home for my kids (I still work periodically in the film industry). Anyway, I sent for his manual and received it last week. I have also been looking for commodity info on the Internet and came across your report. I read what you wrote and am just wondering about the dangerous things you mentioned that I should look out for or be aware of. I would appreciate any advice.
Q: I am planning to start futures trading I have no knowledge and am going to purchase LARRY WILLIAMS "money tree" video course and I just wanted to know if he is reputable and if his course is a good start for me!

How many pages do you send by email? There are many pages that you don't need to send by email every month...

Q: I am a beginner of future trading and also a trend trading believer. After searching the web for a while, I find out there is a group of trades named "turtle trader". They claim themselves as a trend follower but I cannot find any other reference for the "turtle trader". Could you give me any insight about the "turtle trader"?
I understand CTCR tracks hotlines. Are the track record for the hotlines available? I am specifically interested in the Larry Williams hotline.
Q: I once bought intraday data package from you for 1990-93. Now I need 60 min continues data for the major currencies for 1994, 1995, 1996, and this year. Please let me know if you can provide this.
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commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors




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commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors
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commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors commodity trading, futures trading, commodities guide, traders, advice, advisors