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Commodities futures trading advice is available through the Commodity Trading Consumer Research, CTCR. CTCR is headed by the renowned expert in commodities trading, Courtney Smith who is the company's editor-in-chief. Courtney Smith is somewhat of a guru and respected commodity trading advisor when it comes to trading and you can be sure that the information we provide will help you locate the wheat in all the chaff of commodities trading information.

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Commodity Traders Consumer Report - commodity trading advisorCommodity Traders Consumer Report - commodity trading advisor

Commodities trading at CTCR offers in-depth reviews of trading systems, software, books, and many more products for all traders. As if this isn't enough information, you will also find the most detailed interviews with the top commodities and futures experts in the world.

Commodity Trading Consumer Research has been providing commodities trading advice that has guided traders through the minefield of trading misinformation since 1983. This is why we are YOUR online commodity trading advisor


Commodities and Futures Experts on Tap

Commodities trading gurus can be found at CTCR. We have in-depth interviews, features, questions and rebuttals with the finest experts and commodity trading advisor in the industry - CTCR has always been the place to keep abreast of the latest information on commodities futures movers and shakers. We provide information on the experts. You can search our gurus alphabetical directory.

Some of the following well known gurus have their own pages:

expert and commodity trading advisor Bruce Babcock
expert and commodity trading advisor Michael R. Gibbons
expert and commodity trading advisor Lars Kestner
expert and commodity trading advisor Ken Roberts
expert and commodity trading advisor Courtney Smith (Editor in Chief of CTCR)
expert and commodity trading advisor Larry Williams


Commodity Trading Services

CTCR offers our members and nonmembers alike unequaled services in the commodities trading community. For our nonmembers, we offer the services of CATCH Online - and we here at CATCH online hope you find this site useful and enjoyable. Members, get subscription to the Commodity Trading Consumer Research newsletter, Major Moves, discounts, the full Tracked Advisor information (see sample) and so much more! Visit these links to find out how we can help you in your commodities trading quests...

Commodities Futures Trading Services by CTCR

Commodity trading benefits for CTCR members Commodity trading benefits for CTCR members

Commodity Trading benifits for non-members Commodity trading benefits for nonmembers


Commodities Futures Reviews

We keep you fully informed of new commodities and futures trading system promotions, computer software and books that could make you a better trader. As always, our emphasis is on value for your dollar. Our reviews are famous for their fearlessness, fairness, and objectivity. You will not find many others so brutally frank. We usually manage to obtain special discounts for our subscribers on everything. These should more than pay for the cost of your subscription.

Trading Books and Courses

Commodities Futures Systems

Commodities Futures Software

Supercharts 4.0

CTCR Interactive


The bottom line is this: CTCR is the unique membership that helps you make and save money. Nobody else can give you so much to help you with commodities trading. CTCR is THE commodity trading advisor


Commodity Traders Consumer Report - commodity trading advisor


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